See4th Data Visualization Flex Samples on Tour de Flex

Greg Wilson of Adobe (and brainchild behind Tour de Flex) recently posted 4 Data Visualization components created by See4th Design for Adobe. The components were designed to show off some of the capabilities of IBM Ilog Ilixir, Flex Charting and Axiis Data Visualization Components. They can be viewed in the links below or in the Data Visualization > Composite Demos by See4th section of Tour de Flex.

Region Drill Map – illustrates how to group states into regions, display sales per region and zoom-drill into regions and states.

Radar Region Map – makes practical use of a radar map to display and compare region sales.

Stacked Drill Pie – illustrates how to drill into stacked column chart and display the results as a pie chart.

Wedged Stack – psychedelic use the Axiis wedge as a 2 layer pie chart.