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PhoneGapBuild iOS Signing Keys

Here are instructions to adding a Signing Key to PhoneGapBuild.

  1. Once signed into PhoneGapBuild navigate to the Edit Account section. This can be found by clicking the person icon in the top right of the site.
  2. Under Edit Account go to Signing Keys
  3. Click the Add a Key button under iOS ( Unfortunately there is no way to Edit an existing key, so if that is your intention I usually just delete and recreate the key)
  4. Give the Key a title
  5. Add your iOS p12 certificate and provisioning profile to the signing key (You can download these from the iOS developer center)
  6. Submit the key
  7. Once it is submitted, it will be added, but locked. Click the lock button and input the p12 certificate password (this was created when you generated the certificate)
  8. Navigate back to your PhoneGapBuild project. You should now see the Signing key in the dropdown next to the iOS build.
  9. Select the Signing key and re-build the project